Random Thoughts

Trying to spread some random acts of kindness and I could really use your help.

I am not very good at raising money for charity, Christmas time or anytime of the year is about giving but does anyone actually gives a damn anymore. Kindness and tithing to help the poor affects everyone so asking for help for another family down on their luck to help feed their family so they don’t feel being scrooged out of their hamlet at Christmas time or anytime of the year So I put this offer out there for a request and ask you to give and not ask, just trust and have faith that the family that it helps could be your neighbor, your friend, your coworker to brighten their day. Faith isn’t about knowing the story it’s about the people willing to dig deeper to find people to spread some random acts of kindness in their community and the world.

All donations would be appreciative, paypal.me/jelcolli/ then give the rest to charity. I also ask you do the same I am certain you also know of someone who could use some money, it could be a friend, it could be yourself, your family and yet it could also be a neighbor, a pet shelter, a homeless person, do we really need to know why we are raising a little money to give and spread little acts of kindness everywhere.